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At Aries Biotech, our mission is to advance the field of neuroscience and contribute to the enhancement of brain health by providing cutting-edge research and development services, alongside comprehensive career development support for basic, translational, or clinical research and development professionals. We extend our commitment to excellence and innovation by offering tailored support for biotechnology CEOs, business leaders, and life science investors, empowering them with strategic insights and scientific expertise that drives informed decision-making and funding strategies.



noun: biomarker; plural noun: biomarkers

  1. a measurable substance in an organism whose presence is indicative of some phenomenon such as disease, infection, or environmental exposure.

    "a biomarker that may predict aggressive disease recurrence in liver transplant recipients"

A biomarker is an objective and quantifiable characteristic that is measured as an indicator of a biological process, an exposure, or an intervention. In brain trauma and neurological disease, protein biomarkers derived from brain tissue, cerebral spinal fluid or blood are sought to define mechanisms of injury, disease progression, or therapeutic efficacy.  Biomarkers may serve as direct or surrogate measurements of a biological or clinical state.  There is a high degree of variance among populations and animal models.  Therefore, interpretation of indication, biological function, and relevance of a biomarker (or group of biomarkers) must be carefully evaluated. 


With a focus on proteins and protein fragments, Aries Biotech offers insight into the role, function, localization and meaning of neurological biomarkers, the methodologies used, and their application to small animal models as well as clinically relevant studies through:    

  • Strong experience in hypothesis as well as product-driven environments

  • Ability to interpret and articulate analytical subject matter

  • Hands-on and didactic experience with biomarker assay development and testing

  • Extensive background in biochemistry and neuroscience

  • Strong ability to interpret client needs, develop and articulate solutions, and manage delivery of milestones for the client

  • Ability to provide insights regarding the fields of neuroscience biomarkers

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills for varied audiences (new researchers, conference managers, experienced leaders, and clients with non-scientific backgrounds)

  • Expertise in biomarker analysis in translational models and human subjects

  • Assessment of market, analytical, and clinical trends to advise board members

Why Biomarkers

Why Study Biomarkers?

Blood Test

Presence or Absence of Brain Trauma or Disease


Evaluation with Variable Conditions

Therapeutic Assessment

Direct or Surrogate Evidence of Recovery

Doctor Analyzing X-Rays
Neurotrauma and Neurological Disease

Analysis of Brain Tissues , Cerebral Spinal Fluid, and Blood

Translational Models

Extrapolation of Data from Small Species

Clinical Relevance

Interpretation of Systemic Biomarkers

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