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Strategic Biomarker Selection

  • Provide your hypothesis and species you wish to study.
  • Aries Biotech will provide concise documentation of appropriate protein biomarker(s) that apply to your work with detailed annotation regarding localization, levels expected in spinal fluid/blood and tissues, and relevant citations.

Strategic Biomarker

Method Guidance &
Data Interpretation

  • Provide your biomarker of choice, biological sample type(s), and species for study.
  • Aries Biotech will provide documentation detailing custom or commercial assay design with expected detection ranges, variance; cost analysis; and relevant citations. Support for data qualification/integrity, statistical analysis with interpretation, assay feasibility, validation/verification, and human subjects / clinical trial plans are now available.
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Method & Data
Working Together

Manuscript Editing and Review

  • Upload a pre-submission draft or post-reviewed copy of your manuscript or proposal. Aries verifies and correct terminology, spelling and grammatical mistakes, or
  • Upload a pre-submission draft or post-reviewed copy of your manuscript or proposal. One-on-one consultation by phone.

  • Aries will offer suggestions and edits to hypotheses, background materials, figure legends, presentation of results, and discussion content, inclusive of grammatical corrections, writing style, and citations.   Mock review for proposals is now available upon request.

Manuscript Editing
Investor and Business
  • Provide a relevant prospectus, pitch deck, white paper, technical document, and quarterly or annual report.
  • Aries Biotech will provide a comprehensive feasibility and validity assessment of research and development objectives and key results (OKR), key performance indicators (KPI), conduct Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) and gap analysis to aid investment strategies and decision-making. Support for analytical equipment decision making, in concert with vendors, is also available.

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