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The Potential Role of Amyloid Beta Peptides Concussion Biomarkers Reported

Increased levels of circulating amyloid beta (abeta) - 40 and -42 peptides are often increased after concussion. As such, these peptides are promising blood biomarkers of post-concussive events and neurological damage. Concussion-like symptoms are also associated with increased abeta in peripheral blood after blast exposure devoid of a clinically defined injury. A recently published review and opinion article highlights recent work describing abeta elevation in peripheral blood among persons with probable or diagnosed concussion. The authors propose utility of abeta to augment clinical examination or provide rationale for continuous, post-event monitoring.

These studies were originally featured in

Frontiers Neurology, Neurotrauma - Insights in Neurotrauma: 2021

“Opinion: The Potential Role of Amyloid Beta Peptides as Biomarkers of Subconcussion and Concussion”

Angela M Boutté, Ph.D., Bharani Thangavelu, Ph.D., and John Anagli, Ph.D.

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