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Brain-Related Proteins in Blood Reveal the Effects of Blast Exposure

Blast overpressure is a displacement of air above normal levels generated by heavy caliber weapons or from explosives. Service Members are routinely exposed to blast overpressure during combat and training exercises, and many suffer difficulty thinking or ringing of the ears (tinnitus). Blast-related symptoms are similar to brain injury, but are much more subtle and difficult to measure. Measurement of biomarkers - characteristics of the body - is increasingly common for understanding brain injury. The same biomarkers studied for a diagnosed brain injury, were found within hours of blast overpressure exposure, even when symptoms were not apparent. These blood-derived biomarkers have the potential to serve indicators of blast overpressure exposure and monitoring Soldier health.

These studies were originally featured in

PLoS One

Brain-related proteins as serum biomarkers of acute, subconcussive blast overpressure exposure: A cohort study of military personnel

Angela M Boutté, Bharani Thangavelu, Christina R LaValle, Jeffrey Nemes, Janice Gilsdorf, Deborah A Shear, Gary H Kamimori

( )


Frontiers Neurology

Overpressure Exposure From .50-Caliber Rifle Training Is Associated With Increased Amyloid Beta Peptides in Serum

Bharani Thangavelu, Christina R LaValle, Michael J Egnoto, Jeffrey Nemes, Angela M Boutté, Gary H Kamimori

( )

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